Learn more about the details of applying for technical certification in Canada, including the eligibility requirements and documents needed when submitting your application.  


Status in Canada

Canadian citizen; or

Permanent residence; or

Work permit; or

Awaiting Canadian immigration visa



Proficient in English; and/or

Proficient in French (Quebec and New Brunswick)



Completion of post-secondary education or equivalent:  

Certificate (1 or 2-year technology program), or

Diploma (2 or 3-year technology program), or

Degree (applied science or engineering), or

On-the-job, self-directed or specialized training.


Work experience

Minimum 24 months relevant work experience validated by at least three technical referees such as supervisors or other technology professionals. 


Code of ethics

Applications for certification are expected to have carefully read and to fully understand the code of ethics for the provincial association to which they are applying. During the application process, you may be required to successfully complete an examination to confirm your understanding of professional practice and ethics in Canada.  


Applicants are required to provide names, addresses, and contact information of at least three persons in a position to assess the technical abilities, judgment, work accuracy, character, and professionalism of the applicant. 

One of the three references should be the applicant's present or most recent supervisor.

The reference should have adequate knowledge of the applicant in order to provide credible information including approximate dates, duties, and competencies of the applicant and the level at which the work is done. 

The technology professional association will contact the references requesting them to complete an online or over-the-phone reference feedback. The reference documents will be accessible by the registration staff, application assessors and the members of the committee or board that provide the final decision. 

Application fees

Application fees vary depending on the selected technology professional associations. These application fees are non-refundable.

Check out the province page to understand more on the fees. 

Provincial associations


Applicants are required to include the following with their application:

  1. Personal information including contact details.

  2. Transcripts of grades (originals to be sent from the educational institution) or report of international education qualification assessments by WES or ICES. 

  3. Two pieces of Canadian or provincial government-issued identification (one with photo). 

  4. Job description (current or most recent employment relevant to the discipline). 

  5. Names, e-mail and telephone numbers for at least three referees that can provide a technical reference.  

  6. Completed application form including description of work or studies that demonstrate the competencies you claimed.  

  7. Payment of the non-refundable application fee.