Become a Technology Professional

Obtain professional certification in Canada
Become a Technology Professional

Certification offers national recognition of your professional skills and many other benefits.

Establish a reputable career.

Network of professionals and employers.

Resources to support your career.

Continuing your career growth.

Working in Canada

Explore how your experience compares to working in Canada.

Labour market data

Canada is an extremely large country and depending on your skills you could be working in a variety of different provinces or regions in Canada. Understand the unique labour markets and fully understand the types of industries and employment opportunities located in each. 

Settlement services

Settlement services provide support developed to help newcomers adjust to their new lives in Canada.  

Employment services

When it comes to finding employment, Canada is no different than most other countries. Employment search involves identifying as many potential employment opportunities as possible and promoting your skills through many different channels. It is strongly recommended that you investigate all options in your Canadian job search.

Technology associations

Each Canadian province has an association responsible for certifying and registering technology professionals and ensuring that their members maintain defined standards of practice.