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Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC

ASTTBC is the provincial regulatory body responsible for advancing professional regulation, certification, and registration for approximately 10,000 applied science and engineering technology professionals in BC and the Yukon. ASTTBC protects the public by maintaining professional standards and a high level of quality assurance among its registrants and governs regulations for registration, certification, discipline, training, ethics, and accountability. ASTTBC’s Code of Ethics is a standard that registrants are required to meet. It is a commitment that registrants make to conduct themselves in a way that protects the public interest and safety, as well as their own personal and professional reputations.

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British Columbia's application process

Who to contact

Name: Edna Schwartz

Processing Times

A completed application can take 3-4 months to go through the multi-level review process.


$262.50 including GST


ASTTBC registrants operate in seventeen disciplines and ten special certifications in the broad field of applied science. Requirements for ASTTBC certification include a combination of academic qualifications and progressive technical experience, as well as passing a professional practice and ethics exam.

ASTTBC Professional Practice Exam (Ethics)

Registration as a Certified Technician (CTech), Applied Science Technologist (AScT) or Registered Technical Specialist (RTS) with ASTTBC requires successful completion of a professional practice and ethics (PPE) study module and examination. Access to the online study module and the exam is available only after submitting your application.  The ASTTBC PPE is a test of every applicant’s knowledge of the Professional Governance Act and related regulations and bylaws applicable to ASTTBC.

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British Columbia

British Columbia is the most western province in Canada. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Rocky Mountains and the Alberta border on the east. The south of B.C. shares a border with the United States, and the province extends north to the borders of Yukon and the Northwest Territories..

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Apply for certification in British Columbia