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What to expect

To make your application you will need to exit this site and access the application process on the province website. You will be expected to have the following items:

  • Understanding of the type of certification you are applying for
  • Contact details including references 
  • Arrange for your official transcripts to be sent to the provincial association 
  • Arrange for any foreign credentials to be assessed by WES or ICES (if required)
  • List of 3 - 4 referees who can validate your experiences
  • Payment for the application fee

Documents you will need

  • Resume
  • Canadian-issues identification and / or immigration documents
  • Transcripts of grades (if required)
  • Diploma (if required)
  • Job description signed by the supervisor (if required)
  • Internation educational assessment 
  • Member Personnel Record Resume (for Canadian Armed forces only)